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The 500 gpm Hale Pump requires cooler lines. Tracks are WW-II. We can register with French document as Oldtimer or export outside France with certificate. Cab floor is solid up front, but has some repair work that will [], WWII GE Anti-Aircraft Searchlight for Sale 800 Million candle power searchlight. It has been expertly painted with RAPCO lusterless OD green correct for the early war period. 1939 Vauxhall 25HP four door saloon. 82008523, This older patina restoration is in great running condition. 1951 Willys CJ3A, $6400 (more details). This vehicle was delivered in December 1944 (Hull nr. Located isle of Sheppey Kent. NO Cashier checks or Money OrdersCall or text (Five41) 379-8785. Project with original gearbox and post was Saurer 6 cyl.engine and set of wheels,track links, swing arms, reductors, front axel and body doors. From the UK MoD light miltary vehicles, plant, machinery, tyres, vehicle spares and misc items. Px welcome. Free Classified Military Jeep Ads 2023 Jeep Shows and Events Calendar is Online! When test driven, found that high gear was out, have a second transmission, but never got around to putting it in. Parts and vehicles for sale. 1942 . Available for export. Originally planned as a replacement to the aging fleet of surplus M24 Chaffee tanks, the Bulldogs were rushed into production in 1951 at the outbreak of the Korean War. With original JXD Hercules Engine rebuilt. Initially the brain child of a yacht designer and a sailor, the DUKW is a six-wheeled vehicle originally intended to resupply military personnel who had just performed a beach landing. For WWII collectors, organizations, associations, or individual hobbyists. Pictures from cell phones do not look good when turned into thumbnails, and also dont help make buyers comfortable. We can supply and deliver your paint requirements. After WW-II it was deployed by the Belgium Police (Belgische Rijkswacht) were it remain in service till the seventies. This Chevrolet model C-60L-APT-GS-16 is a very nice vehicle. We are high quality restoration and engineering specialist with an enviable reputation for both armoured and softskin vehicle work.Specialising in the restoration, repair and servicing of historic military vehicles, at all levels.From re-building individual mechanical components & wiring looms to complete vehicle rebuilds. 1962 Dodge M37 Army Truck (more details). It offered a previously unheard of level of reliability and performance, and many a GI was pleased to be driving a Cadillac. Even the Brits loved it and gave it their own affectionate nicknam, Honey. In an era when many tanks did not enjoy high levels of reliability, and the potentially mortal consequences that could entail, this reliability and trust cannot be understated. Stock from 50 - all in running condition original and complete. Springer ATV's, Supacat, Ex MoD 4x4's, vans and cars. Genuine and original WW-II PRIEST M7B1 Class A restored, An absolute unique piece of WW-II US built self-propelled artillery USA 40172547-S, 7291: Fully restored Studebaker Weasel M29C, In great and very original condition. This older restoration is in good running condition. Originally nicknamed the Gama for its inventor Robert Gamaunt, it quickly became the Gama Goat by those who came to love its ability to manhandle the rough and sloppy conditions during the Vietnam War. 94TM46456British Rootes Group in Coventry. SALE, APPRAISAL & CONSIGNMENT OF MILITARIA, VEHICLES, FFL & VINTAGE GOODS. Very little use. Reduced Price. Rock Island Auction7819 42nd Street WestRock Island, Illinois 61201USA, Since the 1800s, explorers and dangerous game hunters navigating the African bush have trusted their lives to the double rifle. LOCATION Pennsylvania, USA SPECIFICATIONS Rebuilt in 1945 by Higgins boat company. The variant of the Sherman that came to be "America's tank" was the M4A3. Late contract Marine Corps jeep. Barn find: Ford GP. We reserve the right to reject any ads not of general interest. 1949 Land Rover Series 1 A rare opportunity to acquire a. Very rare car. They were as beloved as the Jeep by the men who used them, and their rugged reliability helped them see service even into the Korean War. WW2 Trucks Military Trucks FOR SALE AVAILABLE International M-5-H6 SOLD! It is an honor and privilege to bring the history of past and present wars to you from our online store and our shop located in South Milwaukee, WI Dealer. 50+ lots of quality vehicles spares and military items will be for sale in our upcoming auction that will end on Saturday March 11, 2023. Offroadtrucks.eu offers a wide range of used vehicles, such as Iveco, Mercedes, Saurer, Steyr and Puch from recent Swiss, Austrian and Italian military service. This equipment is either donated or reused by the U.S. government. Bespoke gas gun conversion specialists. 1943 Studebaker US6 6x6 Cargo Truck. Has been fully overhauled and rebuilt in 2000 by the MOD and is in excellent technical condition. It was registered by the US Army under Nr. The transmission is a 4-speed forward and 1 reverse manual transmission. The turbine and all valves operate freely.. Highest score in KTR originality check! Please contact me for pricing/advice. View cart for details. Don't see what you are looking for? GERMANY. This is the tank were real tank enthusiast have been waiting for a long time! If you are looking for a rugged, durable vehicle, a military truck could be the answer. This vehicle was built in February 1942 (Hull nr. Very high-quality WWII, VW Kbelwagen reproduction. Runs an Kubel Type 82 YEAR 1943 Demilitarized according to German law. Beautiful car, runs and drives very well, and cruises at 60Mph, achieves 20mpg. The vehicle runs and drives perfert. The Swedish army bought weasels after WWII to use, and this is one of them. The truck starts easily and all running gear works perfectly for ease in loading or driving home. M-50 Israeli Sherman Auctions America The M-50 is often called a Super Sherman. Included in the delivery are a typical Normandy Wire Cutter, very rare!!! Original WW2 Militaria For Sale | CIRCA1941 1/8. Standard colours available from stock with immediate dispatch via courier, we are also able to offer non stock colours at no extra charge. This one has one of the nicest mirrors around. In our US warehouse: ONLY ONE LEFT! This Tilly Comes with all correct details such as foldable rear seats, oil filled air filter, key-less ignition switch, closed wheels, pressed steel grille with horizonal louvers, foot pump, jack & spanners, canvas etc. All parts used for the restoration are genuine WW-II parts. CMB $39,977. Correct cables between the generator and light with correct end plugs. This Ford F15A is a survivor which was used it the area in Breda after the war. Comes with nice options such as original WW-II heating system, canvas, all original gauges and switches, siren, map reading table, original leather seats, pioneer tools etc. All Rights Reserved. This final version, the A5, was the only one to utilize an electric starter; all previous versions requiring a pull-start motor mounted at the rear. Therefore an absolute must in a serious collection of British Military Trucks and Tourers. We have tanks, armored fighting vehicles (AFVs), Jeeps and lots of other items with a cool factor high enough that anyone can appreciate not just the military vehicle collectors. No Cashier Checks or Money orders.Call or text (Five41) 379-8785. Daimler Ferret Mk 2/3 from 1960, in driving condition with only 4326 miles. have been invested in the restoration to bring this truck back to its former glory. Lig 1941 Opel Blitz L6700A. 2023 Rock Island Auction Company. 1944 Ford GTB International M-5-H6 SOLD!!! SOLD. Not seeing what you need? While M37 production as a whole ran from 1951 1968, the M43 production only lasted from 1951-1954 (its successor the M43B1 continued production until 1959-1968). Whether youre a serious collector of military vehicles or just find them fascinating, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. LOCATION Near Philadelphia, PA, USA SPECIFICATIONS Great running and driving unit. Recently discovered, with original camouflage. Built on Mercedes Chassis and body. MB/GPW 12 volt modern battery 90 each. Via Pinterest. VEHICLE CLASSIFICATION 1942 GPW Jeep DESCRIPTION Frame off restoration. From there the passenger could lift the apparatus, the driver would reverse, and the position of the mine could be pinpointed by the passenger using a pair of rotary levers to move the P170 to the right or left using a winch and a system of cables. We are here to facilitate the transaction between the buyer and seller only unless otherwise stated. Great experience in heavy vehicles, armored and tracked US WW2 restored to high standards. As the war dragged on, the M8 proved out matched by German armor piercing rounds and thicker armor plating, therefore denying it as an effective . Frame and bed stretched 5 feet, original engine and transmission replaced with 500cid Cadillac engine and automatic transmission. Read More 1942 M2(A1) 105 MM Howitzer. Overhauled original tracks WW-II tracks worked performed in 2018 with new rubber bands. Add Listing Search Condition New Used Any Make Model Postal Code or Featured Listings More Listings 2010 Schutt M1101 Cargo Trailer 2010 Other (not listed) Quakertown, PA WE BUY WWI, WWII, VIETNAM WAR COLLECTIBLES AS WELL AS FIREARMS! I have many CVRT projects in stock for refurbishment or vehicles ready to go. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force . Recently it was complete overhauled and serviced. FOR SPECIAL SHOWROOM HOURS - PLEASE LOOK AT UPDATES BELOW PORTLAND , OR 13515 SE McLoughlin Blvd Milwaukie, OR 97222 Phone: (971) 300-1900 WED-SAT 11AM-6PM 0 SEATTLE, WA 11925 124th Ave NE Kirkland, WA 98034 Phone: (425) 553-5400 WED-SAT 11AM-6PM THE WAR FRONT - HOME WE BUY & CONSIGN! Price 1300 plus vat. The M151 was the successor to the Korean War M38 and M38A1 jeep and this one the M151 A2 is in a very nice condition. They were produced from 1942-1945 with approximately 21,147 made in total. etc.Great unit and ready for the show season 2019/2020, Absolute superb Class A restored 1943 M5 Halftrack, M5-4697-ORD#15452 delivered in September 1943: The best currently on the MV market. Engine used was also the Ford GAA. Tracks & Trade Bid Now! When facing down a, The birth of the legendary Barrett M82 sniper rifle, is a fascinating American tale of inspiration, dedication, and innovation. Dutch road registered (BE-43-76). Af, [ezcol_1half][/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Priest M7B1 1944 sold. JAPAN. OSHKOSH MK48. Built to replace the WC54. Very rare survivor and a great project to restore for the serious collector! Dedicated to WWII Chevrolet G506 & GMC G508. NB - This is an Orig Ford GPW from 1945. Built by the John Inglis Company in Canada for the effective defend against V1 flying bombs or Doodle Bugs against Southern England but also used to defend the harbor of Antwerp. We are only allocated 5 H licence tests a month by the DVSA H. Licence spaces available. SEE WEBVERT FOR FULL DETAILS 07973 297627 Craig White Webvert 21 February '23 The vehicle has been professionally restored to original condition from the 6 volt electrical system, to the siren, to the 7.0020 wheels and tires. One of two complete AVLB's known in private hands in fully operational condition! 50+ lots of quality vehicles spares and military items will be for sale in our upcoming auction that will end on Saturday March 11, 2023. Master piece of German Post War Tank Technology in superb condition and ready to roll. Submit your show or event today. Unique due to the fact that it is a very early model which was for sure active in the battle of Europe. Live 105 mm main gun, 320 HP turbodiesel engine, hydraulic transmission and steering. Our range of high-quality paints has a data base of over 100 colours from Wartime to Nato Urban Camouflage. The original data plate showing delivery is still attached to the instrument panel. Command version (personal vehicle of brigade commander). Older restoration. How you plan to use the vehicle will play a major role in your decision. Solid front axle, tandem rear axles. Tracks & Trade Bid Now! This is one of the most trafficked truck web sites and we always have a pool of people watching the site for new vehicles. All inquiries should be directed to the owner listed above. 6NT Nato batteries 125 each. Services and Surplus Military Equipment. 1) We will list your 40s vintage Chevy or GMC vehicle or parts here for six months at NO CHARGE. Vehicle has been parked, but engine RUNS smooth and is winterized (Nov 2019). The M51 is by many seen as the best Sherman ever built. MB/GPW 6 volt Heavy Duty Rubber case with lead link bars 225 each. 7 M3 Half-Track. Runs, drives, and theoretically swims as it should. Restored to formal glory as it deserves as a 2nd world war survivor. Combining the articulated chassis with the steering ability of the front and rear-most wheels and you also have a vehicle thats surprisingly nimble. In total 826 Priests are produced. Can assist shipping worldwide. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we will forward them on to the owner. The vehicle is restored in The Netherlands in the nineties. Overseas customers welcome as I can help with shipping. We have a large purpose built facilities and work for a wide range of clients from private collectors to the worlds major collections and museums. Austin Champ, starts and runs really well, the body work although not in poor condition requires some TLC and spraying to a uniform colour. This is without any doubt the best example currently available on the market. Restored M170 that is in excellent condition. Alexis Guillaumes workshop near Sedan, in the French Ardennes specialises in military vehicles restoration. Excellent running condition. Years 1986- 1991 with 60,000 to 120,000 kms. Contact us directly at vehiclesofvictory@gmail.com and we will put you in touch with the seller. Discover all the jeep for sale. For sale very nice restored White Scout Car in top condition. 04-1943: Half Track M5 Personnel Carrier Carmen. Fully restored International Harvest Company Halftrack, rescued from a scrapyard in French. The M4 Sherman replaced the M3 Medium Tank. RESTORED AND 100% CORRECT. We bought this Opel Blitz last year. Gun (barrel currently not installed due to exhibition purposes) can be de-militarized at customers request. Genuine, Iconic and an absolute original WW-II survivor! I can travel to locations or have vehicles transported to my workshop in the North of England at competitive rates. Vehicles For Sale | Classic Military Vehicles Vehicles For Sale Vehicles for Sale Click on image for more details 1968 M151A1 Army Jeep for Sale. It is no surprise that the power plants of many early U.S. tanks, including the M3 and M4 medium tanks, were based on aircraft engines. BSA was important enough to the war effort that its factory in Small Heath, Birmingham was bombed by the Luftwaffe on November 19, 1940. Vehicles Sold. We are also happy to help Jeep and Dodge owners for complete/partial refurbishment, as well as annual maintenance. Some [], M-1-4 International for sale Price: $35,000. A very nice truck for restoration. Read More Genuine and original WW-II PRIEST M7B1 Class A restored. Those are NOT included in the sale. When searching for military vehicles for sale, a few of the most common ones you will find include: Something went wrong. Please use the print button in the share bar at the top of the page. Only missing items are the Briggs&Straton generator and the batteries. American WWII Vehicles Original Wartime Photos WWII Restorations Welcome This is the for sale section. All price plus VAT. Chaffee is for 95% complete and an unique example. Currently running. All the light needs is a repaint. The M41, despite being too heavy for air deployment, incredibly noisy, and with a less spacious interior than the M24, still offered improvements of its own. senior pro pickleball rankings, justin osteen son of john osteen, juzang name nationality,

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